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FM Series

Enhanced power with superior efficiency

The new Mitsubishi Fuso EURO II FM Series is built for optimum comfort and durability during heavy duty transport, thanks to an improved frame design and suspension system. Its front and rear suspension system, combines with improvements to the front/rear axles, guarantee smooth riding comfort.

The FM Series comes with a turbocharge & intercooler EURO II engine & intercooler EURO II engine that produces significantly less Nitrogen Oxide and black smoke. Apart from being just kind to the environment, it also provides better fuel economy. It also comes with an Innovative Snorkel Air Intake System.

MITSUBISHI FUSO’s application of the latest technologies to the FM Series simply means that you get a durable truck that delivers power, smoothness and driving comfort, no matter how you use it.




Riveted cross-member




Model: 6M60-1AT1 Turbocharge with intercooler

Max. Output: 240ps@2600rpm

Max. Torque: 686Nm@1400rpm


FM65FN (Best in Class)

Model: 6M60-1AT2 Turbocharge with Intercooler

Max. Output: 270ps@2600rpm

Max. Torque: 785Nm@1400rpm



The new FM Series is equip with the taper leaf spring to ensure an interior environment of total comfort and convenience


Max G.V.W 16000 kg 16000 kg
Kerb weight approx. 4730 kg 4905 kg
Wheelbase (W.B.) 4620 mm 5850 mm
Overall length (O.A.L.) 8015 mm 9965 mm
Overall width (O.A.W.) 2470 mm 2470 mm
Overall height (O.A.H.) 2680 mm 2680 mm
Tread - Front (T.F.) 1925 mm 1925 mm
  - Back (T.R.) 1850 mm 1850 mm
Ground clearance approx 220 mm 220 mm
Cab to rear axle (C.A.) 3875 mm 5105 mm
Cab to end frame (C.E.) 5955 mm 7905 mm
Frame width (F.W.) 841 mm 841 mm
Front overhang (F.O.H.) 1245 mm 1245 mm
Rear overhang (R.O.H.) 2080 mm 2800 mm
Max. Speed 90 km/h 90 km/h
Max. gradeability 31.5% (tan Î¸) 37% (tan Î¸)
Min. turning radius 8.70 m 10.70 m
Model Mitsubishi 6M60-1AT1 Turbocharge with intercooler Mitsubishi 6M60-1AT2 Turbocharge with intercooler
Type 4-stroke, water-cooled, common rail, diesel engine 4-stroke, water-cooled, Common Rail, diesel engine
No. of cylinders 6-in-line 6-in-line
Piston displacement 7545 cc 7545 cc
Max. output 177(240ps)@2,600rpm 199(270ps) @ 2600rpm
Max. torque 686Nm@1,400 rpm 785Nm@ 1400rpm
Air cleaner Dry paper element-type Dry paper element-type
Alternator 24 volt 24 volt
Clutch Hydraulic control, coil spring, single dry plate with air pressure assistance Hydraulic control, coil spring type, single dry plate with air pressure assistance


5 forward and 1 reverse speed.

2nd to 5th Range Synchromesh Gears.

1st & reverse range constant mesh gears


6 forward and 1 reverse.

2nd to 6th range; synchromesh gear.

1st and reverse range; constant mesh gears

Gear ratios 6.748 – 4.112 – 2.415 – 1.514 - 1.000 – reverse 6.748 6.807 – 4.172 – 2.396 – 1.504 – 1.000 – 0.774 – Reverse 6.807
Final reduction gear Single reduction, hypoid gear Single reduction, hypoid gear
Ratio 6.166 6.166
Axle - Front Reverse Elliot, “I” beam type/6,300kg Reverse Elliot, “I” beam type/6,300kg
  - Rear Full floating type/10,800kg Full floating type/10,800kg
Tyres 11R22.5 148/145 (Tubeless) 11R22.5 148/145 (Tubeless)

Right Hand steering.

Ball nut type with integral type hydraulic power booster.

Telescopic & tilt steering column with steering lock

Right hand steering.

Ball nut type with integral type hydraulic power booster.

Telescopic & tilt steering column with steering lock

Suspension - Front
Long taper leaf springs with shock absorbers Long taper leaf springs with shock absorbers
  - Rear Laminated leaf springs Laminated leaf springs
Brake - Service Full air, dual circuit, wedge type, ABS Full air, dual circuit, wedge type, ABS
  - Parking Spring loaded type on rear wheels Spring Loaded type on rear wheels
  - Auxiliary Exhaust brake Exhaust brake
Fuel tank 200 litres 200 litres
Electrical system 24 Volt 24 Volt
Power Take – off Unit 245Nm (25kgf.m) @ 1500rpm NA
Cab Tilt-type with torsion bar, all steel-welded construction Tilt-type with torsion bar, all steel-welded construction.